Evening Primrose Face Serum

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A rose inspired oil that works with skin types. Similar to our hydrating face oil, with the amazing blue tansy essential oil, this serum also boasts a base of premium squalane, camellia and jojoba oils which are known to absorb well to any skin type.

With a luxurious addition of rosehip, evening primrose and sea buckthorn - this serum is power packed and balanced out with a unique blend of the exotic marula oil (known for its anti aging to anti inflammatory benefits).

Scented with beautiful light rose absolute and soothing chamomile essential oils, this serum goes on silky smooth, without being too greasy and it leaves the skin soft and moisturized

Recipe includes:  evening primrose oil, rosehip, marula oil, chamomile, jojoba 

To Use: After cleansing (and/or toning) your skin, apply 3 to 10 drops to fingertips and massage into facial skin using upward motions.  Massage in and allow to absorb at least 3 to 5 minutes before applying makeup. . Perfect as a night serum, too.  If your skin tends to be very dry, add several drops to our Goat Milk Moisturizer and apply every morning and evening. 

(Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight)