How Long Will It Take My Order To Ship? Most orders ship within 3 to 7 business days. Orders held beyond that time are usually delayed due to additional curing time needed for soap orders (curing is a natural part of the soap making process). We will not ship orders until each item is completed the curing process and ready for use.  Please Note: due to COVID-19, we have been experiencing a greater delay in shipping times, as well as supply shortages. These circumstantial factors are out of our control, but we ask for your patience, as we work through many changes. 

May I Come Visit Where You Make Your Products? While we do offer soap making classes and more, during special times of the year - due to insurance and licensing guidelines, we are not able to offer tours of our production space, at this time. Due to COVID guidelines, we are limiting the number of people in our small work area and those in our retail area.  If you catch our owners in, you may be able to get a “peak” into the space where all the bubbles live!

I don’t see one of my favorite Day Three products online! Since we make products in small batches (and offer seasonal collections), there may be times when you don’t see an item online. Simply contact us via email (customerservice@shopdaythree.com) and let us know what item you’re looking for. From time to time, when ingredients are in stock, we can custom blend or create the item you’d like with minimum purchase requirements. Also, sometimes an item unavailable online - may be in stock at our store|house location. Call us at 855-213-3293 to find out!

I’m part of the in-store loyalty program, can I use my points online? Currently, our online system is not able to track in-store loyalty program points.  . But no worries! Simply add a comment at check out “to add loyalty points” and we’ll take care of you.

Got Another Question? Feel free to contact us directly via email or phone!