Body & Perfume Oils

Hair, Bath & Body Oils: all blended with over 7 natural oils to give your skin moisture, without feeling greasy. Can be used in your hair, directly on your body and after bathing - to lock in all day moisture, leaving your skin beautiful and radiant.   

Dry Oil Sprays: a blend of lightweight oils that you spray directly on your hair or body - (we love it on our feet) - but wherever you want hydration and an amazing scent - use our Dry Oil Spray for a quick fix.  Doesn't leave skin greasy - but our blend of oils sink into the skin and leave a light layer of radiant, silky smooth goodness.  You have to try it to believe it.   and silky goodness.  

Perfume Oils: our way of smelling good...naturally! Without the chemical headache - we've blended our own proprietary fragrances to include the benefit of moisturizing your skin too.  You smell amazing, and your skin is soft and hydrated, too.  It's a win win! 

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