Hair Bath & Body Oil

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The heavenly trifecta for all-over radiance! These top-sellers are divinely crafted to nurture from your crowning glory down to your toes. Infused with nature's finest, every drop is a promise of shine, hydration, and gentle, aromatic blessings for your skin and hair. Why choose when you can have it all?  Revel in God's goodness as these blends soothe super dry, damaged and chapped skin with a host of over 7 nutritious oils! 

Blended to bless you from head to heel.  Served up in an 8 oz glass jar with dropper for easy application + repurposing. 

  • To use as a hair oil: Use as a light hair oil, to protect split ends or add a light coat of lustre and softbath oil to relax, re-hydrate, and smooth the skin.
  • To use as a bath oil: Simply add a few drops of this amazing blend to soften skin and nourish it as you soak. BE CAREFUL; as oils can cause tubs and showers to be very slippery. 
  • To use as a body oil: Smooth all over for a sheer, radiant and natural glow - while locking in moisture all over.  Can also be used as the perfect massage oil to help release muscle tension while providing soothing moisture over inflamed and troubled areas.
  • To use as a beard oil: Drop a few drops into hands and massage into beard and skin, focusing on the hair follicles and skin.  Daily use will result in more manageable beard. 

Recipe includes:  coconut oil, shea butter oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil and our proprietary blend of fragrance, essential oils, herbs and botanicals