“I need to let you know that my son Nathan, who has Down Syndrome, has always had really bad skin. Over the past 6 weeks, he has had a terrible rash and dry patches that would not clear up. We have had him to the doctor, tried several things... and nothing has helped. We ordered and used the Goat Milk and Lavender Moisturizer for THREE DAYS- and he has healed. NOTHING else has helped. I know that there is love and prayer in everything you make, and it is clear that you make a high-quality set of products. I am so grateful to have found you. The two of you are blessing us with your kindness, your joy, your faith, and your excellent soaps, soaks, and moisturizers! ❤️.


“My husband and I met Joy and Billy at music/Street fair in Williamsburg this month. They were such a pleasure to meet and chat with! We bought several soaps and a body wash and I am hooked! LOVE the sinus/allergy soap bar. Thank you for creating products that are safe, natural, and delightful to use!


I met Joy at the New Highland Farmer's Market and bought a bar of the Jesus and Java soap. The soap is amazing (I don't feel like my skin was stripped down like I do with commercial soap) but the real blessing was getting to hear Joy's story and her excitement for her business. As I have explored some of the things they are doing in the community and for the community - education, bible studies - it just made me like this business even more. I'm looking forward to trying more of the soap - I got my eye on Morning Glory and maybe even drop in for a class sometime.


“I absolutely love every thing at Day Three Bath and Body, but the healing salve was a game changer for me! I call it my miracle salve! Summers have always been a thing of dread for me with shorts and bathing suits and the inevitable chafing on my thighs! The salve not only stopped that with a little every morning but it healed up the bumps and rashes In just a few days! it usually took weeks with any other product I have tried! I stock up on it anytime I'm in the shop!


Great place very welcoming. Customer service is great! The bath bombs are THE BOMB! The soaps are great for sensitive skin. - Josh R.


This place is so great. Took a beginners soap making class here yesterday. Can you believe someone in the business teaching you how to make stuff they sell?? Well it was wonderful!!! I graduated, NOT with honors, but did very well. Billy is so kind. . Now I can Kraft you some organic great smelling, good for your body and senses soap!! Not what Joy and Billy makes Lordy, Lordy. Their process is ...well I get nervous just thinking about the process they use. Curing, studying mixology, senses, herbs, fragrances....all that stuff and more. Thank you Joy and Billy so grateful for you and your products AND teaching novices. - JACQUELINE N.


I love everything about this lovely couple and their shop! They are so welcoming to all and gracious shop keepers. The soaps are amazing! So many delightful scents that stay with you softly and leaves such soft skin. The soaps are wonderful as gifts!!! A must shop to visit! - DEBORAH W.


I bought 5 bars of this soap in different varieties and I absolutely love it. I've never used a soap that left my skin so soft hours later as the Oatmeal and Lavender bar. Amazing. -Lori M.


I met Joy yesterday through a mutual friend and fell in love with her products and mission! She gave me wonderful advice on what soaps were best for my skin type and I left with two different kinds of goat milk and oatmeal blends plus a goat milk moisturizer. Let me just say that after only one use I am absolutely blown away!! For one, I have never had a brand name app lather as nicely as this homemade soap did and second, when I stepped out of the shower my skin wasn't itchy! I have never found a product that relieves my dry skin so well. I will be back and will also be purchasing her baby safe soap and lotion soon! -Stephanie W.


The wonderful smell of natural soaps hit my nose long before I reached the package at my front door! And I got a surprise goodie included with my order! I'm already thinking about what to order next! Thank you! - Sherron P.


Love this shop! Her soaps are amazing and even though I just met Joy she makes you feel as if you have known her for years! - LIsa J.


I have been using only Day Three soaps and lotions for about six years now. My skin is tremendously clearer thanks to the Goat Milk and Oatmeal, activated charcoal, and tea tree soaps along with goat milk lotion, whipped sugar scrubs, and blue tansy oil. I love telling everyone about Day Three and everyone who has since tried their products love them too. They have amazing customer service and are amazing people. - Sarah M.


I try to visit the Store|House a few times a month. Let me tell you, their products are OUTSTANDING! - Helen H.


I highly recommend. They are THE best! My skin is silky smooth and the scents melt my stress away. Seriously you have to try! - Mary G.


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