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Our most luxurious oil yet! The newest edition to our line of super popular - moisturizing facial oils: INTRODUCING: CHAMOMILE BLISS! You can elevate your skincare ritual with our Chamomile Bliss Facial Serum - it's a gentle touch of nature and serenity combined.  A lightweight, silken blend of Jojoba and Camellia oils, handpicked from our beloved Blue and Evening Rose face oils. You will feel the velvety texture glide effortlessly on your skin, seeping deep within to bestow an unparalleled softness and hydration. But it gets even better than that! This serum is your to answer to revitalized and moisturized skin. Enriched with the soothing embrace of Chamomile Essential oil, its calming attributes bring tranquility to both skin and senses. The skin renewing blend of bergamot, lavender, and melissa leaf not only nurture your senses, but offer you an amazingly, serene evening routine. Treat yourself to a bottle of relaxation. Every drop is a promise of nature's care, nurturing your skin to its radiant best.

Unwind, rejuvenate, and let your skin bask in the blessings of Chamomile Bliss
50 ml ( 1.7 oz) dropper bottle