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Our Holiday Collection of Natural Soaps, All Inspired By The Scents Of Christmas And Formulated To Soothe, Protect & Moisturize Your Skin During The Winter Season.  

Great For Gift Giving (And Keeping) 

Scent Descriptions: 

NEW! CRANBERRY CHRISTMAS:  A moisturizing Goat Milk Blend (great for sensitive, dry, itchy skin) blended with notes of tart cranberries and the spices of Christmas! 

NEW! FIRESIDE: A Shea Butter blend with notes of smoky hardwood, cedar and fresh fir needle! Delightful and different with the aroma of forest greens at Christmas. 

NEW! HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS:  The scent of all things Christmas! From cloves, to spiced oranges, saffron, cedarwood and fir - the notes of this Shea butter soap keeps giving you the best of Christmas, even with hints of toasted cocoa on a snowy, day! (quickly becoming a family favorite)  

ANGEL WINGS:  Gently, scented with fresh, clean aloe in a Shea butter base that gives a wispy, powdery finish.  Beautiful and delicate! 

CANDY CANE: Icy peppermint with a swirl of vanilla goodness for a truly festive holiday aroma that smells good enough to eat. But don't take a bite! It won't taste as good as it smells! (Trust us - we've already tried). 

CHRISTMAS CHEER: Cheerful on purpose with this popular Shea butter blend of cedar leaf oil, blue spruce, cranberries, fir and chopped peppermint for a gentle exfoliation. 

FRESH FALLEN SNOW:  A true holiday treat - reminiscent of the first snow! Shea butter is infused with notes of Lavender and Peppermint with ground oatmeal sprinkled in winter magic. 

FRANKINCENSE  & MYRRH:  Rich, earthy and deep notes of exotic Frankincense & Myrrh oils - sweetened up a bit with vanilla and hints of raw sugar. 

GOOD TIDINGS:  a festive blend of candied pears, pomegranates and spiced cranberries all swirled in a luxurious Shea butter based with poppy seeds throughout. 

MERRY BERRIES:  Another clean, fresh Shea Butter blend with notes of amber, cedar, pine and jasmine for a unique, but unforgettable aroma.  The added touch of strawberry seeds give this moisturizing blend a festive boost. 

OH! CHRISTMAS TREE: True to it's name! This Shea Butter bar is all things fresh, cut  evergreen with hints of Lavender! Great for the outdoor lover. 

OPENED TREASURE:  Inspired by Matthew 2:11 - this stunning bar is as beautiful as it sounds. Activated Charcoal holds up the mixture of these treasured gifts offered to baby Jesus.  Scented with Frankincense & Myrhh with the vibrant gift of Gold mica clay (doesn't affect the skin) 

SUGAR PLUM:  Loved by all the girls - young and young at heart! This Shea butter soap bar is a whimsical blend of fruity notes of peaches, strawberries, bananas and plums - beautifully combined with a dash of fairy dust.