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Introducing our Fall Soap Blend Collection — where nature's bounty meets divine skincare. Each soap in our Fall Collection is a symphony of organic ingredients, designed to evoke the rich tapestry of autumnal colors and fragrances. Handcrafted with passion and prayer, our soaps blend the intoxicating scents of all things FALL, rich ingredients and the subtle notes of harvest fruits, spices, herbals and skin nourishing butters. Not only do they capture the essence of fall, but they also offer deep moisturization, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and softly scented. Our Fall soap blends are a testament to quality and authenticity. Join us in celebrating the season with a skincare routine that transports you straight into the heart of fall with every use! 


APPLE HARVEST:  autumn apples with Fall spices

BERGAMOT BLISS:  bergamot, basil, oakmoss + a hint of patchouli

CARAMEL CREME': sweet vanilla, yummy caramel and dashes of sugared cream

CHAMP BAR:  spicy, earthy, detoxifying champaka flower oil + raw sugar and powder

CINNAMON ALMOND: nutty almond and shea butter, with a dash of honey and cinnamon

CRANBERRY CABERNET: cranberry cabernet wine, with tart cranberry and toasted fig

HARVEST: a delightful blend of all things fall. Harvest fruits of cranberries, figs, pomegranate and fall spices.

ORANGE CRANBERRY:  notes of citrusy orange with sugared cranberries

PEAR & POMEGRANATE: crisp, fresh pear and warm sugared pomegranate makes this one bright, clean with a hint of autumn

PUMPKIN HARVEST: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and hints of vanilla + sugar

SANDALWOOD VANILLA: more sandalwood than vanilla, but an intoxicating and sweet woodsy blend of both

SWEET DREAMS: calming, gentle chamomile with hints of bright eucalyptus, vanilla and lavender

TROPICAL TEAKWOOD: lush green, watery oceanic aromatics - smoothed over with notes of musk and like woods

VANILLA OATMEAL:  rich vanilla with ground oatmeal

WARM VANILLA CLOVE: spicy clove and toasted vanilla

WHEAT ALE BREW BAR: wheat ale beer with a bright note of citrusy orange and ground oats

WILD FLOWER:  musky, earthy floral notes with ground oatmeal and hints of woods