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Our Holiday Collection of LUXURIOUS CANDLES created with PREMIUM Apricot Wax (better for those with respiratory and allergy symptoms).  Divinely inspired - like everything else we do. 

Arrives in a 11 oz re-usable tumbler with a burning time of over 90 hours. 

Scent Descriptions: 

CHRISTMAS IN  JAR:  Smells just like it sounds! If we could put all of our favorite Holiday scents in a jar - we'd add cinnamon, clove, spiced oranges, apples and a hint of sugar!  That's what your space will smell like, from the first light! Blended with WOOD WICK (to mimic the sound of a crackling fire)   90 hour burn time 

Merry Mistletoe: notes for clean, fresh Christmas greens + sweet Holiday berries. 

Not Today SatanWe could all use a little "light" to remind us to take authority over anything that doesn't serve us well! NOT TODAY SATAN is scented with the aroma of power and overcoming.  Exotic notes of teakwood, with hints of rich spices including sandalwood, patchouli, cardamom and amber.  This blend of high end oils, release the aroma of battles won, stories of un-defeat and victories in view!