Summer Loofah Bars

Summer Loofah Bars

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Our Summer Fresh favorites in an exfoliating bar to help you say goodbye to dark spots, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, underarm and body discoloration, 

Our loofah bars not only helps to slough away dry, dull, flaky skin - but our carefully formulated - natural ingredients helps to treat all skin types and leaves your skin silky, soft, radiant and smooth. 

Made with natural butters and skin nurturing oils, we've embedded natural loofah to gently scrub and clean your body. *we don't recommend using these on your face. 


NEW! SUMMER THYME:  a blend of ripe peach nectar, cool thyme and notes of fresh, squeezed grapefruit 

SEA SALT & BLUE ORCHID: our most popular scent blend- reminiscent of breezy, beach days, ocean waves and exotic florals

LARKSPUR & AMBER: romantic and exotic amber, blended with beautiful notes of musk and purple larkspur flower

WATERMELON SMOOTHIE: fresh, light, summery melon with a light hint of citrusy, clean lemon

BLESSED BLUEBERRY: sweet blueberry, raw sugar and yummy notes of vanilla is a winner in this blend. 


KEY INGREDIENTS INCLUDE:  Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Fruit and Floral Extracts and Natural Oils.