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Our foaming whipped sugar scrubs are unique! We combine our natural soap base and fold it into a whipped sugar scrubs, filled with organic sugars, oils for a 3-in-1 product that CLEANSES, EXFOLIATES and MOISTURIZES!  Served in a 4 oz jar

To use: we suggest adding a light layer of water on your skin, followed by a scoop of this fluffy goodness! Begin to exfoliate the skin (in circular motion toward your heart - because it gets your blood flowing in the most wonderful ways) and continue for at least 5 minutes.  The more you rub, the more foaming action occurs. Add more water to your skin - to really get your skin cleansed and hydrated.  Rinse well and pat dry to leave the moisturizing oils of avocado, olive, safflower and apricot kernel on your freshly exfoliated and radiant skin. 

LARKSPUR + AMBER: rich, luxurious amber with beautiful larkspur flowers! 

SEA SALT + BLUE ORCHID: smells like a day at the beach! Notes of watery, sea like clean , sweetened up a bit with palm trees and sugar cane! This TOP SELLER sells out FAST! 

WHITE SAGE + LAVENDER:  earthy notes of cleansing white sage and calming, detoxifying lavender! 

LUSH GREENS + LEMONGRASS:  complex, yet vibrant as we have combined our love of botanical, sweet greens reminiscent of rain forest travels with the zingy, bright citrusy blend of fresh, cut lemongrass! 

PEONIES + MAGNOLIA: not too sweet, not to floral, but very Southern! This lady-like blend of florals is a must have in your spring collection of natural scents and moisturizers!