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Fresh, Natural, Handmade And Perfect For Exfoliating and Transitioning Your Routine Into A New Season Of Soft, Supple, Hydrated and Radiant Skin! 

Soap Descriptions Below:  *all bars listed below are made with our moisturizing SHEA BUTTER BASE + SEA SALT (for natural exfoliating benefits) 

CHARCOAL + CLAY: lightly scented with shea butter, sea salt, activated charcoal and dead sea mud for a deep clean, that exfoliates, detoxifies and rejuvenates skin cells. (a customer favorite) 

SEAWEED + MINT: smells like the spa-treatment we all crave, blended with raw seaweed, shea butter, sea salt and chopped peppermint for a bright, clean aroma and an amazing, exfoliating treat for your skin 

FRESH FIELDS:  we really don't mean to over-use the word "fresh", but it's true - this FRESH blend of goodness, combines notes of clean cotton and fresh spring flowers, all embodied in creamy shea butter, detoxifying sea salt and chopped oatmeal for a really amazing clean!