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SHEA BUTTER SOAPS - Spring Inspired

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Fresh, Natural, Handmade And Perfect For Transitioning Your Routine Into A New Season Of Soft, Supple, Hydrated and Radiant Skin! 

Soap Descriptions Below:  *all bars listed below are made with our moisturizing SHEA BUTTER BASE (unless otherwise mentioned) 

BLOOM: lightly scented with fresh, floral extracts and creamy, shea butter

WILDFLOWER: earthy, with hints of exotic musks and spring botanicals, blended with ground oats (for gentle exfoliation) and moisturizing shea butter

GLORIOUS GARDENIA: even if you're not a fan of florals, you'll love our take on this spring BEST SELLER! very mild and highly addictive with its classic notes of this beautiful flower.

ALOE-LUJAH: FRAGRANCE FREE but oh! so amazing as it combines the amazing blend of aloe, calendula flowers (for healing and soothing the skin) and shea butter.  It's a perfect bar for sensitive, wounded, burned or irritated skkn.

APPLE BLOSSOM BLESSING: another BEST SELLER with a fresh, but complex aroma of crisp green apples, with hints of spring blossoms! 

GINGER TEA with LEMON: just as it sounds, it's an amazing shea butter blend that combines the detoxifying benefits of ginger, green tea and lemon.  Men love this one, too! 

YOUR HIGHNESS: can we just say, if you've never tried this beautiful, fragrant blend - you're missing out!  we can barely describe this one - just get it and you'll see exactly what we mean.  It's soap - fit for a Queen. 

GINGER + LIME: a combination of ginger, turmeric and fresh squeezed lime - for a bright, zingy clean that will have you sniffing yourself - all day! *also contains hibiscus flower powder

IVY OAK: charcoal, shea butter and jewelweed oil make this bar a MUST HAVE for the season and for helping with the symptoms associated with poison ivy and poison oak.  Hopefully, you won't NEED it, but it's a great soap for deep cleansing and soothing severely itchy and irritated skin, 

MOUNTAIN FRESH: this BEST SELLER returns because of rave reviews from our customers.  As it sounds, this shea butter blend reminds you of crisp, clean mountain air with notes of pine trees and earthy botanicals.  Another favorite for the guys, too. 

EVERGREEN LAVENDER: for the Lavender lovers, who enjoy the herbaceous aroma of REAL lavender with notes of evergreen!