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Spring Awakening: Handcrafted Natural Soap Collection

Welcome the rejuvenating spirit of spring into your daily ritual with our "Spring Awakening" natural soap collection. Inspired by the freshness and vitality of Genesis 1:11-13, our Day Three Bath and Body collection of spring soap blends, brings to life the pure essence of spring in every bar. Our handcrafted soaps are a tribute to nature's renewal, carefully blended with organic ingredients and eco-conscious love.

Features and Benefits:

  • Purely Organic: Each soap in our Spring Collection is made from 100% organic ingredients, promising a kind and gentle touch on your skin. Indulge in the blend of essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural moisturizers that nourish deeply and rejuvenate from within.
  • Artisan Crafted: Experience the unique, subtle scents and textures only found in genuinely handcrafted soaps. From the calming Spring Rain to the invigorating New! Spirit Mint, each bar tells a story of craftsmanship and care.
  • Skin Loving: Specially formulated for all skin types, our soaps leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and refreshed without the use of harsh chemicals. Perfect for the body and spirit.

NEW! Spring Blends To Fall in Love With:

  • GREEN EDEN: A serene blend of green tea, subtle florals and tobacco flower to calm the mind and soothes the skin.
  • SPIRIT MINT: An energizing burst of spearmint essentials to awaken your senses and revitalize your skin.
  • SPRING MOUNTAIN : A crisp, cool sensation of bright zesty lemon, blended with fresh mint and notes of alpine and mountain air that refreshes and invigorates, perfect for starting the day.
  • BAMBOO CLAY: A detoxifying blend for purified, radiant skin. Infused with the essence of bamboo and enriched with mineral-rich mud for a refreshed, clear complexion for face and body. 

Join Us on a Journey to Natural Beauty: At Day Three Bath and Body, our mission is to connect you with God's amazing ingredients through high-quality, sustainable skincare products. Inspired by the creation and beauty of the third day of creation (Genesis 1:11-13), our Spring Collection celebrates new beginnings and the beauty of nature's awakening. Embrace the change of seasons with the pure, nourishing essence of our natural soaps.