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Discover the Divine Essence of Spring with our Limited Edition Dry Oil Sprays

If you haven't tried our TOP SELLING Spray on moisturizers, here's your chance! Crafted for a limited time, these luxurious sprays are inspired by the breathtaking aromas and vibrant essences bestowed upon us on the third day of creation. Each spray is created to to nourish, moisturize, and refresh your skin with the light, invigorating touch of spring.

Why Our Dry Oil Sprays Stand Out:

  • Divinely Inspired Aromas: Choose from a curated selection of spring-inspired scents, each blending natural essences to evoke the freshness of the season. Not over the top, but yet gently aromatic and super moisturizing. 
  • Heavenly Hydration: Our dry oil formula is a godsend for those seeking deep moisturization without the heaviness of traditional oils. Absorbing quickly and leaving a silky finish, these sprays provide all-day hydration, celebrating the skin-loving generosity of nature.
  • Crafted with Care: Honoring the gifts of the third day, our Dry Oil Sprays are made with sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. Free from harsh chemicals, each bottle is a commitment to ethical beauty practices and the wellbeing of our planet.
  • Versatility: Experience versatility with our Dry Oil Sprays, designed for both hair and body, offering a heavenly touch of moisture and fragrance, just like it's cousin product, HAIR BATH & BODY Oils, but in a lightweight, rejuvenating spray.

You'll want want of each!